Monday, December 31, 2012


How Far Along: 22 weeks, 0 days!
Size of Baby: The baby is the size of a papaya. That seems so large!
Continuing Symptoms: Same old, same old.
New Symptoms This Week: My backaches have miraculously gone away, and I'm feeling good.
Sleep: I have definitely been getting up numerous times to use the restroom. It's obnoxious, but I haven't had too much of a problem getting back to sleep. I have been feeling a little bit more tired when my alarm goes off at 5:30 am however!
Cravings/Aversions: Nothing crazy lately. I always want to eat pineapple. And anything salty.
Movement: I feel baby boy all the time now. At my 21 week appointment, the doctor asked me to start taking note of his movements, and told me I needed to make sure I felt him at least 3 times per day. I almost laughed - I would definitely notice if I didn't feel this kid move - he is bumping around all the time now. I love it.
Gender: IT'S (still) A BOY!!! This kid was definitely still a boy at the ultrasound on Friday. No chance of being a girl. Even though I knew it was a boy from our ultrasound at 16 weeks, it was still a relief to hear the ultrasound tech say, "Oh, definitely a boy. No chance about that."
Maternity Clothes: I can still wear certain stretchy non-maternity tops, but I mostly wear maternity clothes. I'm carrying really high, and my chest is quite larger than it was before, so I needed maternity clothes.
What I Miss: I miss booze. I really do!
Special Pregnancy Moments: The ultrasound on Friday was so awesome. He was so much bigger than 5 weeks before, and starting to look more and more baby-ish. She measured all his bones and organs, and we saw all 4 chambers of his tiny heart beating away. He is currently breech right now, but the doctor said that's totally normal at this stage, and he will definitely flip by delivery. But it makes sense for him to be breech - I have been feeling him kicking so low! He had his legs all tucked up by his head, and he is squished up nice and comfortable. It was really, really adorable.
What We Are Looking Forward To: I am looking forward to my baby shower in San Diego on February 9th. I know it's a long way away, but I haven't been home since my wedding more than a year ago, and I'm anxious to see all my friends and family. Plus, it will be fun to see all the cute baby things we get :)


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