Tuesday, December 11, 2012


How Far Along: 19 weeks, 1 day
Size of Baby: The baby is the size of a mango. I used to love mangos. The summer after my senior year of college, I went on a trip with a few friends to Maui. It was my "senior vacation." We stayed in a hostel, and went on amazing tours for free. It was an unbelievable trip. One of the tours was the Road to Hana tour - along the way, we stopped and hiked through some bamboo forests. There were mango trees everywhere. We gorged ourselves on mangos and passion fruit, and I had an amazing day. Later, however, as I was laying in the hammock at the hostel, my stomach started kinda icky. Let's just say that I do NOT like mangos anymore. But I love this little mango!
Continuing Symptoms: Same old, same old. Nothing new. Actually starting to feel really great and normal! Which is strangely worrying. I'm sure everything is just fine, but I really forget in the morning sometimes that I'm pregnant.
New Symptoms This Week: No new symptoms. I'm managing my heartburn by taking Zantac 75, which has been great. I have also started to try and drink a bunch more water. Before, the taste of plain water made me feel extremely sick. Weird, I know.
Sleep: I have been waking up more often lately in the middle of the night. Last night I woke up at 2 am, wide awake after using the restroom. It only took me about 30 minutes to get back to sleep, but it was obnoxious.
Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really. Money has been tight lately with Christmas and medical bills, so I've actually only been eating the snacks my mom sends me. She sends me little packages of almonds and granola bars, to keep me healthy :)
I've noticed that if I have bad foods to eat, I will. If I have good foods to eat, I'll eat them. So I don't think I have real cravings or aversions too much.
Movement: I thought I felt the baby kick last week, but I haven't felt too much lately. Because of my Crohn's, I'm not sure if it's bubble gut, or gas, or baby. I'm getting a little anxious to feel real kicks. Not just because it will be fun, but because I anxious to know that he's alright. Every once in a while, I'll feel a jabby pain down there, but I can't say if it's baby or not. I'm waiting for real, true kicks.
Gender: IT'S A BOY!!! I still can't get over the fact that I'm going to have a little boy. It's what I've always wanted. I am not a hugely over-emotional person, but the sight of a tiny pair of jeans turns me to goo. Jeremy thinks I am going to spoil this little boy rotten. Probable.
Maternity Clothes: I need maternity pants, but I am still getting along with just a larger shirt. I'm only 5'3", so the baby really has nowhere to grow but OUT!
What I Miss: Nothing, really!
Special Pregnancy Moments: Nothing particularly "touching" this week, but every week I reach feels like a milestone. I never really thought I'd ever get pregnant and have a baby, so everything feels wonderful.


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