Monday, October 1, 2012


How Far Along: 9 weeks, 1 day
Size of Baby: The baby is the size of a green olive or grape. I prefer the thought of a grape, since I hate green olives!
Continuing Symptoms: Exhaustion, sore breasts, crazy emotions! I have had some crazy mood swings this week - yesterday I burst into tears and slammed my bedroom door because my favorite Thai place wasn't open until 4, and I needed crab rangoons RIGHT NOW. Lovely Jeremy found a place to deliver me crab rangoons anyway. I knew I married him for a reason.
New Symptoms This Week: No strong morning sickness, but I have started to feel some vague nausea. I will crave a huge plate of food, then right before I eat a bite, the smell will put me off, and I'll feel sick. I also feel sick when I take my daily pills/vitamims (all 18 per day). Nausea is no fun, but I'm so thankful it's not full-blown morning sickness.
Sleep: I sleep all.the.time.
Cravings/Aversions: I have been craving brownies bigtime, but I haven't indulged yet. I think I might make some tonight. Like I said before, I will crave, crave, crave a certain food, then the smell of it will make me feel sick. No cravings/aversions in particular, though.
Movement: Still way too early for that!
Gender: I'm still convinced it's a boy. I just can't imagine it being a girl - I will be shocked if they tell us it's a girl!
Maternity Clothes: I don't need maternity jeans yet, but the waistline of my jeans rubbing against my belly hurts. I haven't gained any weight, so I think it's just bloating that is making me feel gross. I am going to buy some maternity jeans next week, though, I think.
What I Miss: I miss eating big plates of food without feeling sick before/during/after.
Special Pregnancy Moments: Hitting 9 weeks and thinking, crap. This might happen. So surreal.
What We Are Looking Forward To: I am looking forward to my next ultrasound at 11 weeks, on October 17th. I am counting down the days.


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