Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hey, you!

The 11-week ultrasound was so amazing. As soon as the ultrasound girl put the wand on my belly, the baby appeared, dancing and kicking up a storm. Except the little bugger was upside down, doing a headstand! She couldn't get exact measurements because of the baby's position, and we tried to jiggle him around and get him to move, but he was dead-set on staying in his headstand position. It looks like this baby is already very stubborn :)

It was unbelievable to see how much the baby has grown since the last ultrasound at 7 weeks. From a little lumpy blob (a cute one, but still) to a real human-looking baby! With tiny feet, tiny hands and a round little head! I could not believe it, and my smile never left my face. So very surreal. I kept thinking, "Well, hello, you. You're mine. My baby."

His little heart was beating fast at 165 bpm. It was such a relief to me to see that heartbeat flashing away. I'd been so worried over the last few weeks - I have some nausea, but no real "morning sickness," and I couldn't believe there was truly a baby inside me. Every time I see him on the screen, I am blown away. It's very sci-fi; there's another human body inside my body. I can't get over it.

I will be going back next week to get another ultrasound, and hopefully the little guy will decide to cooperate this time. I'm not complaining - I love seeing the wiggly little body appear on the screen.

I'm in love.

(Has anyone else noticed that I have been referring to the baby as "he" or "him?" I can't help it. I'm so convinced it's a little boy. If you're a girl, baby, I'm sorry!)


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