Thursday, August 30, 2012


Jeremy and I are moving tomorrow, and I cannot wait. We currently live in a tiny 450 square foot "apartment" in Lincoln Park. I say apartment, but it's more like a closet with a bathroom and kitchen. It has one window. Yes, you read that correctly. One window - and it's not in our bedroom. It's dark and small and crowded. We have been dying to get out of there.
Our new apartment in Evanston is roomy, airy and breezy. Windows in every room. Vintage wood cabinets, bay windows, open floorplan. Just in time for a new addition. :)
When we rented this apartment, we didn't really think about the fact that it was only a 1-bedroom. That's all we needed, and we can't afford too much more than that. Chicago is expensive! So, no nursey for the baby. I do think I'll convert part of the huge dining room into a play room/nursery, however. Who needs a table and chairs? Hehee.
It's such a huge apartment that I don't think not having a seperate nursery will be any big deal at all. My mom always told me that babies need way less than people think, too. Always good to know. Jeremy is secretly thrilled that we won't have to pay to furnish a whole huge nursery, anyway. That man.
I can't help but be so excited to move into this new place. It's on a beautiful, quiet residential street, with a huge park right down the way. It's a gorgeous neighborhood. And it's the first house my baby will ever live in, which makes it even more special.
Life is so good right now.
So if we can just get past the whole "moving" part of moving, that would be great.


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