Monday, March 25, 2013


Holy cow, I didn't realize it's been 6 weeks since I've blogged. Life has been so busy preparing for my little man. He'll be here in 6 weeks, give or take. Gulp.
How Far Along: 34 weeks, 0 days!
Size of Baby: The baby is the size of a cantaloupe. He should be 5 pounds or more. Crazy!!
Continuing Symptoms: Heartburn (killer!), hip pain at night, extremely swollen feet and hands (goodbye, wedding ring. I actually stopped wearing my ring at 28 weeks when I flew to San Diego...and after that, I just couldn't put it back on. I'm looking forward to wearing it again!!)
New Symptoms This Week: No new symptoms, just the normal "I'm as huge as a whale" symptoms. I can't get out of the bathtub or from any sitting position easily without Jeremy's help. Embarassing.
Sleep: Sleep? I don't sleep anymore. Ha! I get up around 4-5 times to use the restroom, and I can only sleep on my sides now, which is annoying. One side gets sore, so I wake up and switch sides. Then the other side gets sore....and it continues all night. Sigh.
Cravings/Aversions: All of a sudden, I want to eat chocolate. I've never been a huge chocolate person, so this is surprising. It's probably why I'm gaining all this weight. Seriously, I'm as huge as a house now. I'm counting on breastfeeding to help me kick all this enormous weight!
Movement:  Little boy kicks all the time now - he rolls, plays, hiccups and kicks all day, every day now. It's hilarious to watch my belly change shape. Last night Jeremy and I were laughing, because he stuck his butt out so far on one side of my belly that I looked incredibly lopsided. He doesn't give too many rib kicks yet. (Thanks, little buddy!) We can't wait to meet him.
Gender: IT'S (still) A BOY!!! I'm getting more and more excited to meet my little boy. I can't wait. I just want to see his chubby cheeks and feel the little feet that have been poking me for weeks.
Maternity Clothes: Even my maternity clothes feel tight around my belly. My belly has dropped really low because little boy has been head down for awhile. So, my belly is so low that not many maternity shirts are covering it all. Embarassing. Such a change from most of my pregnancy, since I was carrying so high before.
What I Miss: I miss my pre-pregnancy body. I feel bad for saying it, because I love this baby boy so much, but I miss my body. I hate feeling so large. And my chest is huge, and I hate that. I miss my slim pre-pregnancy feet!
Special Pregnancy Moments: Just feeling and watching him kick. I think that's the only thing I'll miss about pregnancy, is feeling that special bond with him that noone else gets.
What We Are Looking Forward To: We didn't get a 32 week ultrasound. (apparently, everything is going very well, super textbook, so I don't need a scan. Which I'm grateful for, but I still wanted to see his face!) I'm looking forward to 37 weeks, when he'll be full-term. You can come anytime after that, little boy!
I can't wait to meet you in 6 weeks, my little love.


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